Study at home with our Online Sailing Courses

Online Sailing Courses

Study at home with our Online Sailing Courses

Ocean Sailing Academy is making it super easy for our students to gain additional qualifications. We have a number of essential online courses available here, and also partnered with Navathome so that you can get access to top online sailing courses.

The Benefits of Online Courses

Studying online is the ideal alternative for working professionals, giving one the opportunity to study anywhere and anytime. While a classroom environment requires additional travel time, structured classes with a rigid time frame, working with a schedule flexibility stands out as the key benefit of online courses.

This option is ideal because:

  • You are in control of how and when you study
  • You manage your own schedule
  • You can access study material easily
  • You can communicate with instructors online



In collaboration with Navathome we’re able to cut our online sail and motor theory course prices  winter! You can now get 10% OFF the following courses:

These courses include FREE international shipping of your course pack, and a yachtmaster instructor on standby 24/7 to assist you.

Other online courses:

RYA Professional Practices and Responsibility Course:

Any Yachtmaster, Skipper or RYA Commercial Endorsement holder should have this qualification. The RYA PPR Course covers the legal framework all sailors must adhere to. The course is aimed at assisting students to execute and comprehend their duties while learning about the principles and techniques that will equip them with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions with regards to sailing. Click here to sign up.


Having the ability to use a VHF radio could easily save your life as you spend time on the ocean. The RYA SRC-VHF is a one day course that equips with a bank of knowledge on how to use this valuable piece of equipment. While the exam itself is taken at the centre, the course is taught using radio simulators. Click here to sign up.

Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course:

There is nothing worse than getting lost at sea. The Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course equips the novice sailor or crew member with adequate knowledge to navigate the ocean. The course teaches terminology used in the nautical environment, as well as safety and navigational basics. While it is an online course, you will find many interactive exercises to test your newfound knowledge. Click here to sign up.

Set sail with an online course to develop a foundation as you pave the way to becoming a qualified Yachtmaster. For additional info simply contact Ocean Sailing Academy on +27 21 425 7837, email us at or visit our online courses page for more information on your course of choice.