Ocean Sailing Academy | Set Sail on a Superyacht, Explore the World in Style
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Set Sail on a Superyacht, Explore the World in Style

Super Yacht work

Set Sail on a Superyacht, Explore the World in Style

Feeling washed up? Tired of being grounded? Forget music videos with hot celebs on yachts, when you take the open seas, it’s going to be the real deal. Travel the world in style and get set for the career opportunity that takes you from port to sea and rekindles your love for the deep blue.

Once upon a time, your bucket list consisted of trips to exotic locations, sea adventures and tax-free foreign currency. Don’t stop dreaming just yet; super yacht training is the one thing that stands between you and cruising the open sea.

The superyacht industry is looking for you. Take your passion, be it cooking, engineering, hospitality or sailing and take it to the next level. Get trained as a deckhand, stewardess, chef, engineer or an officer to get hands-on experience. Being part of the crew has never been this beneficial. Are you going to let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by? While others have sun-downers on the seaside and dream of a life on the ocean, you could be exploring international waters.

Get your feet wet, dip in and take on the world one port at a time. Superyachts go where boats fear to tread. For superyacht training that prides itself in excellence, look no further. This could just be the catalyst that takes you from local waters to the great unknown; plunge in. Turn your sailing dream into a reality.

Take the first step today. All aboard! It’s time to set sail. To enquire about our SuperYacht courses, contact us on info@oceansailing.co.za, or call our office directly on +27 21 425 7837.