Buoys and Lights 101 – Free Course


If you are a boating enthusiast, want to work as superyacht crew, or want to take your Day Skipper exam, then this course is the perfect starting point.


You will learn:

•    Everything about buoyage and lighting
•    The meaning of different types of buoys
•    How to identify buoys at night
•    How to identify buoys on a chart
•    How to determine navigational hazards
•    And much more


Our buoys and lights 101 course is the ultimate introduction to day skipper training. You can do this online course from anywhere in the world, in your own time.


Topics covered:

  • Understanding IALA Buoyage & Light Identification
  • Lateral Buoys and Marks
  • Cardinal Buoys
  • New Wreck Buoys
  • Special Buoys
  • Safe Water Markers
  • Isolated Danger Buoys