Ocean Sailing Academy | Stewardess Course
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Stewardess Course

Superyacht Stewardess Course

Stewardess Course

If you’re looking to gain work on luxury sail or motor yachts anywhere in the world then look no further than Ocean Sailing Academy’s Steward/Stewardess Training Course. Whether or not you already have experience in the hospitality and customer service industry, our marine hospitality course will provide you with the knowledge needed to live and work aboard Super Yachts. The course could be viewed as the first step towards a career in the sailing industry, or with a gap year in mind, or done simply as a fun way to gain confidence and learn new skills. The course has been carefully designed to ensure that our graduates know as much as possible about the industry, the necessary skills needed to be a steward/stewardess and to be a confident and competent crew member on board any vessel. At Ocean Sailing Academy you will receive only the best tuition and our international qualifications will increase your chances for placement once you have graduated.

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