Ocean Sailing Academy | STCW Basic Training Course
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STCW Basic Training Course

STCW Basic Training Cape Town


STCW basic training is the minimum legal qualifications required to work on any commercial vessel at sea. If you’re planning on making a career out of yachting you’ll need to complete your STCW training.


The STCW Basic Training course is a 11 day course that takes place in Cape Town,  running every Thursday through to the following Sunday.  It runs every week and can be split by its sections if you can’t do the 11 days consecutively. They also offer the Advanced Fire Fighting course, as well as the Medical First Aid, which SAMSA require should you wish to Commercially Endorse your SAS(South African Sailing) Certificate of Competence. Each Certificate is valid for 5 years, and is made up of the following courses:


Thursday – Friday: Elementary First Aid(EFA)

Saturday – Sunday: Proficiency in Designated Security Duties(PDSD)

Monday – Wednesday: Marine Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention(MFF)

Thursday – Friday: Personal Safety and Social Responsibility(PSSR)

Saturday – Sunday: Personal survival Techniques(PST)

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