Ocean Sailing Academy | RYA Cruising Instructor Training Course
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RYA Cruising Instructor Training Course

RYA Cruising Instructor Training Course

RYA Cruising Instructor Training Course:

The RYA Cruising Instructor Course is for experienced RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore skippers to be able to gain the skills required to instruct practical courses up to the level of RYA Day Skipper.


  1. Candidates must hold a current commercially endorsed RYA/MCA Yachtmaster™ Offshore Certificate of Competence and be an experienced skipper.
  2. Candidate’s theoretical and practical knowledge should be well in excess of the RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore Certificate of Competence.
  3. Candidates must also complete the online pre-course knowledge check, access to this will be arranged by the training centre which organises the practical course.

The first step in teaching within the practical cruising scheme is to become qualified as an RYA Cruising Instructor, before moving up to the Yachtmaster™ Instructor qualification. Both qualifications can be taken in sail and motor cruisers, and the certificate will be endorsed accordingly.

This is a five day (sail) or four day (motor) course with a second trainer joining on the final day as course moderator.

It is expected that candidates are already experienced RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore skippers. It would be unlikely a newly qualified RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore would pass an RYA Cruising Instructor course unless already an instructor in another discipline, and having a very good depth of knowledge and experience.

Due to the short time available on this course, there is limited opportunity to fill any gaps in knowledge. This RYA Cruising Instructor course is a blend of assessing the candidate’s knowledge, providing a structured framework to instruct, coach, observe and deliver constructive feedback and ensure the structure and standards required of RYA courses up to Day Skipper Practical are understood. Candidates must therefore ensure they have sufficient underpinning knowledge prior to attending this course/assessment.

An effective instructor must have credibility with students and a genuine interest and engagement with the subject is essential for this. Questions from students will often stray outside the core syllabus or be concerned with seeking advice about equipment or situations. Without enthusiasm and a depth of knowledge far about the RYA syllabus, this credibility could easily be lost. It is difficult to quantify in writing exactly what this means but without extensive practical experience of the subject, candidates are unlikely to be successful on this instructor course.

Due to the arduous nature of practical training afloat, an Instructor Endorsement obtained or revalidated after the Instructor’s 67th birthday will require revalidation with effect from the Instructor’s 72nd birthday. An Instructor Endorsement obtained or revalidated after the Instructor’s 70th birthday will be valid for a period of two years before a further update is required.

Length of course: 5 days (sail) / 4 days (motor) organised globally by recognised sail or motor cruising centres. Online pre-coursework and knowledge check is required prior to attending the practical course.

NOTE: Membership of the RYA (or the National Governing Body for your boating activity in your country of residence) is required in order for you to qualify or revalidate as an RYA instructor.

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