Power Conversion Course

RYA Power Conversion Course

* This course is offered at our Seychelles training centre

Power Conversion Course:

This is a course that converts your Sailing Yachtmaster to a Power Yachtmaster.

The sailing YM is superior. When you sail, you motor and sail and if you can do manoeuvres under sail you can definitely do them under motor as sail is far more technical and challenging. The theoretical side of the training (navigation, collision regulations, meteorology etc.) is the same for sail or motor.

The prerequisites for the Yachtmaster Offshore Motor Exam are as follows:

  • 50 Days at sea
  • 2500 miles including at least **5 passages of over 60nm each measure from the rhumb line from the port of departure to the destination.
  • 1250 of these miles must be on a power vessel over 9m and under 24m.
  • Must have been skipper for at least two of the above passages
  • 2 of the above passages must have been overnight
  • Must have five days of experience as skipper
  • At least half of the mileage and passages must be in tidal waters
  • All qualifying sea time must be within 10 years prior to the exam
  • A valid First Aid Certificate (STCW/equivalent to St Johns ambulance) (2 days- R1 500)
  • A valid RYA VHF Radio License (Online R2 160)
  • A logbook validating the above mention required miles
  • 2 photos

Note the qualifying passages and ½ the Sea-Time (25 days and 1250 Miles) must be on a yacht under 24m or 200gt.

Note: This course is conducted at our Seychelles training centre


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