Becoming a Yachtmaster

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Becoming a Yachtmaster

Make your mark, as you enter the international yachting industry with a Yachtmaster qualification. Cruise the world and gain ongoing experience, as well as commercial recognition when you attain new skills while working on commercial vessels.

A Yachtmaster qualification with Ocean Sailing Academy certifies the ability to manage a sailing or motor boat under recommended conditions.

Three titles are specified, these include:

The Yachtmaster Coastal (Yachtmaster- Coastal Course)

This Certificate of Competence certifies a skipper with limited experience on coastal cruises, who does not have experience necessary to undertake long trips.

The Yachtmaster Offshore
This Certificate of Competence certifies a skipper who has the ability to cruise a yacht on any passage, no more than 150 miles from port.

The Yachtmaster Ocean (Yachtmaster Ocean X-Treme)
A Yachtmaster Ocean X-Treme Certificate of Competence qualifies an experienced and competent skipper to sail a yacht to any place in the world, for any length of passage. Our Yachtmaster Ocean X-treme Course incorporates both the Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean programmes.

Chris Roberts Ocean Sailing AcademyAye Aye, Captain
Our X-treme Yachtmaster Ocean Course will equip a skipper to become a captain of a vessel. As the captain you are held accountable for the safety and well-being of the crewmen and passengers, as well as the supervision of the ship and its safe voyage.

What does it take?
The captain is the first line of command. While our course prepares you with critical knowledge and some experience, your ability to lead is determined by your skills, a knack for problem-solving while navigating the sea and an in-depth knowledge of maritime rules and regulations. You are tasked with leading the crew and ensuring they work well as a team.

As a Yachtmaster your duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Determining a vessel’s safe route of passage
  • Creating an itinerary
  • Developing a budget, maintaining the yacht’s yearly expenditure, and recording an accurate account of all excursions
  • The captain is often responsible for conducting interviews and hiring crew members
  • Supervision of crew members, settling disputes
  • Negotiating with harbour officials at ports
  • Ensuring that the ship is clean and well-maintained
  • Ensuring the safety of everyone on board
  • Experienced Yachtmasters may also work as instructors, training other yacht captains or students to be captains of smaller vessels

Becoming a yachtmasterStart from scratch with Ocean Sailing Academy to determine your own way has you break into the superyacht industry as a Yachtmaster. No previous sailing experience is required because our Yachtmaster X-Treme Course begins with the Competent Crew module.

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