Aurora Report #2 – Gale Force Winds in the Indian Ocean


Aurora Report #2 – Gale Force Winds in the Indian Ocean

Hi All

Well, we are really in the thick of it, so I don’t want to keep the laptop out for two long in case it gets wet. However I did think that you would like to hear about some of our adventures.

We know from our forecast that we were expecting a low pressure between where we were and the south of Madagascar. What the forecast failed to predict correctly that their nice 20 knots has turned into a full force 6 and 7 gale. Hmm we have to rely on the weather we are given however if it is wrong well, we have to deal with it. It is quite ironic that we came north early to avoid a low pressure gale passing south of Africa, just to run into a low pressure gale sitting south of Madagascar.

Well here we are and here we must make the most of it. The wave highs are around 4-5 meters, which the boat is handling quite nicely, it is just the ones that seem to sneak up and dump tons of water on us that are something else. We have filled the cockpit with water a number of times and have had a good number of waterfalls into the saloon. The odd hatch is leaking as well as some fittings hear and there. This is not uncommon for boats, mine is the same, unfortunately we need to be in conditions like this to find the leaks, which of course is when we can do damn all about it until the storm is over. Well the little water we are getting below is being easily handled by a good old fashion roll of kitchen towel. The one major benefit is that the water is bath temperature so getting wet is not too much of a hardship.

The crew are as well as can be expected, poor Yves is suffering a bit with sea sickness while he is below deck. On deck he is 100% and all go. Ishan was good enough to do Yves’ galley duty yesterday, which in any mans terms was quite a job just getting the tuna from into a bowl and adding mayo. He managed admirably. Heinz has moved in the saloon as he feels that it is more comfortable than his berth in the starboard bow, which is a little understandable as that is where the waves are hitting the boat mostly. However, Zirk is pushing through in the same cabin, and well seems to spend a lot of time with his eyes shut through it all.

Marlon and myself are not getting to much sleep and we are now feeling like we are back on a ocean race sleeping in all our gear ready to be called up at a moments notice, only we are not racing… In fact we have reduced sail down to just the storm jib, which gives use plenty of drive to keep the steering up, but not to much to knock the boat over. A very nice happy medium.

Looking at the latest forecast I have on board we have another 36 hours of this and then it all gets nice and calm again for a few days. Lets hope they are right otherwise we are going to overshoot the southern tip of Madagascar and have to come back around. Better that than heading into the worst of the storm.

So with that I am going to sign off until we can start hanging things out to dry in a day or so.

Chat soon

Wavy and wet crew…

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