Aurora Sailing Adventure Report #4 – Mozambique Channel

Aurora Mozambique Channel

Aurora Sailing Adventure Report #4 – Mozambique Channel

23˚ 44’S
040˚ 46’E
Wind,  F4 SE

Hi All,

Well, a wonderful start to our next leg. We managed well over 160nm into the Mozambique Channel and still going strong. The sailing was excellent, hoisting the asymmetric spinnaker as we left the coast and sailed along at a very good speed in the early morning light breeze.

The crew loved the experience of the spinnaker, and were relishing the chance to sail with it for the first time. Children on Christmas Day with a new toy. So first thing this morning the requests came back for more “kite” (Slang) time.

However the nasty skipper has held back while he is insisting on some sun sights with the sextant. The sea is relatively flat and the sun is perfect for the guys to practice with the instrument.

This, however, has been on the thin side as we hooked a Blue Fin Tuna this morning early, and after the cleaning and filleting process (a first for Ishan under Marlon’s watchful eye), the discussion about best cooking process the sights have been a bit scarce. Well you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it look at the sun… Fish on the other hand is wonderful.

Things were a little quiet on the night watches last night and our sleep was fitful. The air was very humid and the temperature was high. Not the best conditions below as the motor was running charge as well, all creating a little oven below deck. Then the sea picked up as the tide changed and made it a little bumpy as well. Not great for poor Yves sea sickness and for the leak onto Heinz bed. However this is an ocean passage and well… the ocean has wet waves!

So with our bellies full we continue west at a good speed, expecting the wind to drop and back to the north, which will help us spill into the current itself giving us about another knot south toward home.

Chat soon,


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