Aurora Sailing Adventure Report #3 – The Calm After the Storm

Aurora Sailing Adventure

Aurora Sailing Adventure Report #3 – The Calm After the Storm

25˚ 34’S
042˚ 22’E
Wind,  F4 SE
Hi All,

Well what a three days. Looking back in the log book we have just had three days where only once was there a F5 or below. Most of it is filled with F6 and F7 plus a few F8 winds. We were starting to wonder why we brought any other sails other than the storm jib. “What colour was the main?” There was a small celebration on deck this morning when the crew could come up on watch without having to put their wet foul weather gear back on. The waves had dropped to about three to four meters and were not flooding the cockpit, and we could see the sky… by lunch it had calmed down even more, and the boat looked a lot like a Chinese Laundry, as every inch of deck, guard rail and sheet was covered in clothes sleeping bags etc drying in the sun.

Aurora has done us very well through this trying sail. We had a few miner mishaps. Poor Zirk slipped by the nav stations and hooked his kidneys on the stbd aft cabin door. He went across the cabin, unfortunately taking the door with him. Not major, just a few bruises and broken hinge, but hell it sounded like WW3 from inside the heads next to it. During one knock down, we went about 90 degrees over and everything on the port side fell across to stbd. Anyone in the way, including our Uno game at the saloon table suddenly became a target for flying debris. Well Uno must wait boat shipshape, and then back to the cards.

Talking of Uno, (a card game) there have been much laughs and joy out of such a simple game. We have all become experts at holding a pack, our hands and ourselves, while the sea does its best to throw our game on the cabin sole.

On a more serious note, the guys were excellent. They came up in the worst of conditions, did their watches to the best of their ability and never complained once. As I said to them today once we were out of it, “I am looking forward to briefing their Ocean Examiner, because they all deserve their tickets now”. To Sail in 35-40 Knots of wind, with seas reaching 10-12m for three solid days and still keep their spirits up and keep us nicely in almost one piece, a door hinge, then be able to sleep in wet beds, with wet clothes to put on and then do it all over again was incredibly well done for four novices.

However, during the discussion at lunch about the next leg of the trip to Mauritius, there was a unanimous decision to head to Madagascar, then on home, instead of doing another 8-10 days at sea. I think they feel a little bit of R&R is now due. So we are now heading to the island and I am sure the moment we are in WiFi, you will hear all about our adventures.

So with this next leg of our adventure, and it has been, almost over I will leave you with the knowledge that all are well and in fine spirits. So until we leave the island keep well.


Wavy and DRY crew..

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