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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean:

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Exam is made up of an Oral Exam after completing Ocean Theory and Ocean Sights

Prerequisites for the Yachtmaster Ocean:

  1. Previous certification – Hold an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence.
  2. Minimum sea time – Have completed, as skipper or mate of watch, a qualifying ocean passage. The candidate must have been fully involved in the planning of the passage, including selection of the route, the navigational plan, checking the material condition of the yacht and her equipment, storing spare gear, water and victuals and organising the watch-keeping routine. A minimum non-stop distance of 600 nautical miles must have been run by the log, the yacht must have been at sea continuously for 96 hours, and the yacht must have been more than 50 nautical miles from land while sailing a distance of at least 200 nautical miles. All qualifying sea time must be within 10 years prior to the exam.

Due to the level of competence required, the Yachtmaster Ocean exam is a particularly tough and demanding test of a skipper’s ability.

Please make sure that you meet the above-mentioned prerequisites and if not inform us where you fall short so that I can provide you with options from our side to complete the prerequisites.

Your sights need to be taken whilst travelling from point A to point B, no less than 60nm (as the crow flies). First sight must be taken no less than 15nm out. The yacht must be delivered back to its home port.

Upcoming RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Exams:

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